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Why would such tech savants waste their time on using emails to get their revenge against companies and governments?While this stereotype is favored by Hollywood, the truth is that anybody with access to an internet connection has the potential at their fingertips to steal and become that little-understood creature known as a hacker.The attachment contains a malicious payload which when opened can be installed.This method has been seen in ransomware campaigns, namely Crypto Wall, Golden Eye, and Cerber.To create an exhaustive list of all the types of malicious email could fill a novel and hackers don’t just use the same method over and over again.

It is a priority not just for companies but anybody that has access to an internet enabled device.

This exploiting of our trust can happen in numerous ways and how it is done is dependent on the goals of the hacker.

If the hacker was looking to steal banking information they will compose an email to appear on a bank asking you for your login credentials for example.

Once this is understood malicious emails can be easily detected and dealt with.

The rest of the article is dedicated to doing exactly that.

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