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There is good information on here from some VERY knowledgeable people.I can confirm the email - [email protected] is the same as the ones mentioned in this post she/he/they tried to tap me this morning.Robbert1966 (15-7-2009 ): i am very serious with you but you can only think about your own shefflove (15-7-2009 ): ok shefflove (15-7-2009 ): baby can u help em with 100 ??Robbert1966 (15-7-2009 ): i can help you, but you know what i want Robbert1966 (15-7-2009 ): befor i send it shefflove (15-7-2009 ): what shefflove (15-7-2009 ): dont say see shefflove (15-7-2009 ): bcos it wont happen shefflove (15-7-2009 ): go ahead what ?Welcome to the category Free Dating Site China where we are listing 37 dating sites.These sites we found in the Google Search Engine top 100 by keyword Free Dating Site China and ranking them by our own popularity formula.Write back Henrietta Its nice to hear from you xxx ..

I am all new to this online stuffs and i don't know much about this online dating stuffs,just given this a try and see where it goes.I am here looking for a very honest,kind,caring,trustworthy man with a sense of humor,very funny,loving,intelligent and someone who can handle a woman with love and care.I want an affectionate man that is ready for us to make this work not a man who won't have time for this friendship and take it to another level.If you have access to yahoo instant messenger we can chat more there and get to know each other or if you prefer emailing each other we can do so and get to know each other through here. I will be looking forward to see a picture of you when you reply,this is another picture of me and i hope you like it ..Write back soon Henrietta Teena Fusseni has been getting my fiance and the man i have been with for over 7 years to send her mum money for her we are talking thousands in a couple months and it has caused a strain on us i have moneyogram reciepts and online ones as well this has gotten out of hand i have been trying to put a stop to all this but now OF GOD on yahoo (Teena) is conected to him through yahoo texting she is like a Roach you cant get rid of her she is a gold digging two bit whore in my opinion happy home wrecker cause of her he had my phone shut down and doesnt want to get married or live with the kids and me any more and i'm being alot nicer to her then she was to me on my yaho messenger alls i want is my marvin back how does she live with herself doing this to families and couples in general 7 years gone because of one thing and 4 lives turned upside down and destroyed for me i'm more devastated than anything marvin has been dad to my kids for 7years my kids were 5,6,7years old when we started dating he is the only dad they know cause thier real father walked away after the divorce and said he didn't want to be a dad Be Linda Hi Be Linda... One thing you should know is that the gal in the photos is NOT involved in this scam. Behind this whole thing is a (or sometimes several) black guys sitting at internet cafés and using mobile phones with numbers from other countries etc etc...

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