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If you have never experienced abuse yourself (and I hope you never have and never will), it is devastatingly likely that someone you know and love has experienced it, is currently experiencing it, or will experience it.

We need to understand how to help each other in a world that frequently does not care about women's health and safety.

The Office on Women's Health from the US Dept of Health and Human Services says, "Your friend may decide to stay in the relationship, or she may leave and then go back many times.

So how can you help a friend in an abusive relationship?

One in four women and one in seven men will suffer from intimate partner violence at some point in their lives.

One of the first things that you can do to better help a loved one in an abusive relationship is become aware of the many different forms of abuse; not all of them come with obvious bruises.

Your friend could be suffering from physical, verbal, or emotional abuse.

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