After a month of dating Sex chat bot for mobile

There are happily and unhappily married guys in all categories and please stop stereotyping.Also stop talking about morality and woman's right and all here.As I have very clearly said, I do have a very happy satisfied married life and my wife too has which is obvious from the happiness that prevails in our family.For me that happiness is most important than becoming a "Harishchandra" and publicizing about my sexual orientation to the world.But if you try to prove to yourself or to others that you are sleeping with men only because you do not want to 'suppress' your sexual attraction toward men then I am sorry I will call it out.

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Some of them are enjoying their married life albeit the *** (Bottoms basically) but there are some who have just given up and carry on just for the sale of the society aka log kya kahenge.As Harikr rightly said, None here is against their partner's happiness and all married guys try to keep their family happy.Happiness of the family is more important than being "Truthful" and confessing everything like a 'fool'.But there are people for whom being homosexual means loving a man and not just having *** with a man.I don;t expect everyone to be like that, or even understand that, even many straight marriages are based on sexual relationships. Hari Kr, If you don't need her permission to carry flings or surf here, why would she need your permission either?

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