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However even after talking to a girl on this site for a couple weeks or even a month, when I ask a girl if she wants to meet in person she usually stops talking to me.When is it an appropriate time to ask a girl on this site if she wants to meet in person?This is a progression that should always be moving forward to wards meeting.Every message you send should be moving forward to meeting not endless and useless chit chat.Some will meet immediately, some won't for a predetermined amount of time.

I don't even speak to them on the phone until they have expressed interest in meeting.Some like to meet within a week or they think you are a time-waster, others like longer.Some won't meet without a phone call or Sykpe call, others will.I feel like its all a waste of time until they start talking about meeting.Then is when the conversations have meaning and are of substance, since I am at least now speaking to someone that plans to see me.

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