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Reply just letting you guys know i will be paying 200 to you guys on the 29 of june this mouth and then on gst i will be paying anuther 100.00 then on thriym i will be paying the rest of it on the 31 of july all cont up my husband’s tv okay just letting you guys know.

Well to be far the pearland Texas store is no better and I feel your complaints.Aaron’s was founded as Aaron Rents in 1955 by current Chairman Emeritus Robert Charles Loudermilk.While attending Georgia Tech, Loudermilk served a tour in the Navy, and earned his business degree from the University of North Carolina, before accepting a job with the Pet Milk Company, then, later, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Pfizer.I called today To see if they had finally resolved the issue but much to my surprise again they tell me I owe 00 still!!!!!!THey tell me that the manager gave me the wrong information when we straight up asked them how much would it cost to settle this account and they took our payment and then told us we were done.

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