Consolidating totals excel

At the end of the month, I need to eliminate the redundant data and come up with a total by account code. Bill then described his current Excel methodology which is similar to method 1 below in order to come up with a unique list of account codes, with plans to use a matrix of CSE formulas to get the totals.He asks, is there an easier way to arrive at a unique list of account codes with totals for each account? Being a Lotus user for 15 years, I recognize Bill's method as the classic method for "quick-and-dirty" data manipulation from the good old days of Lotus release 2.1. When you think about this question, you realize that the folks at Microsoft have really bestowed on us a number of tools over the years.If you are using Excel 97, there are at least five methods to do this task, all of which are far easier than the classic method described by Bill. If your range includes 12 monthly columns, the answer will have totals for each month.I will offer a tutorial on the five methods this week. Given the newer tools offered by Excel, I no longer recommend this method. Cons: If you do another Data Consolidate on the same sheet, you need to clear the old range name out of the All References field using the Delete button.

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Follow the steps given below: You will get the sum of the cell C6 from January to March.Add and layout each column-range to a separate worksheet.However, do not add the ranges to the master worksheet that you plan to consolidate 3.It is an efficient option to combine the data and summarize data from multiple files, workbooks or worksheets.The common methods for consolidating in Excel include consolidating by method, by formula, by the feature of Pivot table etc.

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