Counter strike source always validating

The precompiled binaries could be riddled with malicious code.I hate this misconception that because certain software is open source makes it 100% legit.Well intentioned devs who want to make a contribution to the product are best off if they only consult a few select users who are knowledgeable enough about the game from the users perspective and actually helpful with criticism.Devs only exist in this world to make themselves happy and other people happy with the stuff they make.

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Most here were ecstatic that someone on the csgo dev team was communicating with us and participating in our discussions.

Nobody knows why he stopped commenting in threads, but we haven't heard from him in (I think) about 6 months.

I don't want to speculate as to the reasons he stopped talking to us because it could be a million things, but he did get some negativity from a few people here.

You write this as it is a fact, but we don't know why he stopped being active in this sub.

The reactions were overwhelmingly positive and for the critique he had to face: If someone works as a community manager, he should have a thick enough skin to be able to deal with that.

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