Dating a non mormon

Overnight at Carmarthen which is believed to be the oldest town in Wales (and legend has it that “Merlin” the wizard was born here! You’ll love visiting Llanelli where many converted to Mormonism in the mid-19th century.Travel on to Cardiff for an afternoon at St Fagan’s Folk Museum, an open-air village chronicling the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people–see how your ancestors lived thru the ages.

The lush, green countryside your forebears ironically called “Babylon” is remarkably beautiful–you honestly can’t stop looking at it!

Rejoice as you ponder all that you have come to experience and appreciate of your ancestors, where they lived and toiled, where they were converted to the gospel, and where they departed from as they answered the call to gather to Zion!

Airfare from other cities often available; call us for details 801-272-5601.

Gain a deep appreciation for the arduous labor most Welsh ancestors endured and it will become very clear why our ancestors chose to leave the lush-green Cambrian countryside.

We will then make our way across the Severn River to the London Heathrow Airport area for overnight before our return trip home on a new, non-stop flight to SLC.

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