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He is an American hip hop singer who had a controversial relationship with Kylie that saw many ups and downs during the three years they were together. Well, Kylie has her older sister Kendall to thank for that once again!

When Kendall held a party to celebrate her Sweet 16 in 2011, Tyga was the entertainer for the evening.

For that, Kylie has to thank her older sister, Kendall Jenner, because she has been friends with the rapper since 2015 and often hung out with him.

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Their friendship soon turned to romance, and the relationship has been further cemented by the baby coming into their lives.So, she ended their three-year on-and-off relationship for good.Kylie Jenner appeared in the music video of Party Next Door’s song, “Come and See Me,” in 2016.Later, there were rumors that she and the Canadian rapper were dating and were an item.However, Kylie confirmed later in an interview that while they were not boyfriend and girlfriend, they did have fun together.

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