Dating flight crew

I really like this girl and want things to continue, just struggling a bit with face time right;dr - Started a relationship with a flight attendant.

Want some tips on how to make it work given her erratic schedule.

Edit: The wife has just butted in, DO NOT CALL HER A FLIGHT ATTENDANT she is not a waitress the amount of training they do is ridiculous she is there for your safety if you call her anything it's Cabin Crew...

Don't get jealous, she will talk to a lot of guys. If your job has any type of flexible schedule, use it.

She's in town for a day, then gone 5, back for 2, away for 6, etc and I find it pretty difficult to do the regular dating thing that I would be doing with someone working locally at a 9-5.

Are there any flight attendants out there or people who have dated others in similar industries that can share what worked well with their relationships?

Don't worry about captains, they are career guys, don't worry about male cabin crew the rumours are true..

But keep one eye open to the slimy "new" first officers they think it's a free time to hit on the crew constantly.

Then you have the option to bid/request for flights to Spain a lot. We are bound to meet someone during our flights and develop some kind of bond with them.The whole dating scene for Cabin Crew are endless though.Make fixed date nights around her schedule and stick to them thats something she will want to look forward too, did I mention making food?Don't worry about passengers hitting on her, she does not see them as people.

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