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Gretchen rides by the Darko home the next morning, and learns of Donnie's death.Gretchen and Rose exchange glances and wave as if they know each other, but cannot remember where.Donnie returns home as a vortex forms over his house.He borrows one of his parent’s cars, loads Gretchen’s body into it, and drives to a nearby ridge that overlooks town.Firefighters discover a hoard of child pornography there.Cunningham is arrested, and Kitty, who wishes to testify in his defense, asks Rose to chaperone their daughters’ dance troupe on its trip to Los Angeles.Donnie wakes up the next morning on the green of a local golf course and returns home to discover a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom.His older sister Elizabeth tells him the FAA investigators do not know its origin. Thurman believes Donnie is detached from reality, and that his visions of Frank are "daylight hallucinations," symptomatic of paranoid schizophrenia. Monnitoff gives Donnie The Philosophy of Time Travel, a book written by Roberta Sparrow, a former science teacher at the school who is now a seemingly senile old woman living outside of town.

Frank begins to influence Donnie's actions, including causing him to flood his high school by breaking a water main."Love Will Tear Us Apart", by Joy Division, also appears in the film diegetically during the party and shots of Donnie and Gretchen upstairs.The version included was released in 1995, although the film is set in 1988.However, the band is credited as "The Dead Green Mummies".In the re-released Director's cut version of the film, the music in the opening sequence is replaced by "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS; "Under the Milky Way" is moved to the scene of Donnie and Eddie driving home from Donnie's meeting with his therapist; and "The Killing Moon" is played as Gretchen and Donnie return to the party from Donnie's parents' room.

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