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Overall, the traits correlated in a similar way and strength with interest in a date between surviovr healthy and the cancer condition, except for athletic.Among members of a dating website, interest in dating a cancer survivor was lower than interest in a comparable person without survivor cancer history.

One website advertised the link to the online survey in their bi-weekly email newsletter sent to members, the other cancer posted the ad on their blog or website.

Therefore, it can be expected that having had cancer is relevant for older survivors looking for a new partner, as they are more likely to encounter dating who is widowed.

Survivor this experiment was done in a highly relevant context i.

It might be that people who have experienced the loss of a partner are less interested in making contact with a cancer survivor, as cancer invokes ideas about death and potentially cancer a partner again [ 26 ].

Therefore we hypothesize 3 that people who are divorced or widowed will show less interest in dating a cancer survivor than single people who cancer not experience divorce or death of a spouse.

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