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“My interest with everything to do with the supernatural and paranormal began when I was a teenager,” explains Victoria Zasikowski, 44, from her home in Cardiff.

Ms Zasikowski’s mother had a broad collection of tomes on the family bookshelf about different esoteric topics that the teenager would pick up and read.

“I do try and keep a boundary in place.” The Welsh witch first realised she was able to cast spells when she began dabbling in the dark arts for friends or family – and on occasion, herself.

“It’s a difficult one to explain, really,” she says.

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And though she’s willing to try and help cast spells to help people with problems in their life, she’s categorically not a shrink.

Of the lovelorn, people split into two tribes: those asking for reconciliation spells (to make a partner who has become more distant interested again) and – to use her description – “work that encourages a third party to develop deeper feelings for the person”.

“The rug was completely pulled out from under me and everyone else,” Ms Zasikowski recalls.

At the same, her personal online business selling direct to customers wasn’t as built up and most of her business came through e Bay.

It’s enough to keep Ms Zasikowski in part-time work.

And while many may be sceptical that her services are doing anything more than parting the gullible from their cash, no one forces those who use her services to seek her out and pay for them.

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