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“I want to be able to go to a proper school again, play outside with my friends and have food, water and be able to shower every day,” she said.

“My mother said we will have all that soon.” Eastern Ghouta, which lies 15km east to the capital Damascus, has been under a government-imposed siege since mid-2013 after opposition factions took control.

Sarah Hajkarem, 11, lives with her parents and two younger brothers in one of the underground shelters.

Nach den bisherigen Aussagen der Geschädigten gab es die unsittlichen Berührungen mit sexueller Absicht überwiegend in der Nacht zum Sonntag im Bereich des gut gefüllten HR-Areals.

Dabei sollen die Täter in Kleingruppen vorgegangen, die Frauen umzingelt und unsittlich angefasst haben.

Alaa al-Khamooneh, a mathematics teacher in Douma, Eastern Ghouta’s largest city, was forced to take his profession underground in the last month to avoid bombs and aerial attacks.

Since the Syrian and Russian offensive on the largely agricultural region began on February 18, the 35 year old has been part of a teaching initiative that aims to provide a semblance of normality for schoolchildren.

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