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January 1, 2018 to present NOTICE: See our Booklist for a description of our free PDF books: "Armstrongism Religion or Rip-Off?

", "The Broadway to Armageddon" and "Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web." NOTE: Read our two critiques of Herbert Armstrong's : Mystery of the Ages (a critical review) By Kelly Marshall Mystery of the Ages (a 2nd critical review) By William Hohmann Cal Culpepper Having His Assistants Interview Members: January 18, 2018 Cal Culpepper (Regional director for the Northeast United States) is having his assistants interview all the members in his area, and the interviews must be done in the members' homes.

The members still haven’t been given an explanation as to why they are conducting the interviews.

Members continued to respond to his pleas for money, while they waited for the end. Regarding Cost of Operating GF's Corporate Jet: January 30, 2018 The post for January 22 is not correct.--[name withheld] These Groups Will Destroy Your Marriage: February 9, 2018 I can relate to the testimony regarding RCG (Restored Church of God Destroyed My Marriage) although my husband is in the PCG. Members become cold and distant to family who will not applaud their decision to sacrifice everything for this group.It is interesting that now the Armstrong cult has so many "one true" churches and they are all the same except for the leader.The says nothing about financial problems nor asking for money for the G450. The letter asks if you want to give to the G450 expenses, here are the ways to do it.Flight hourly fuel cost runs around ,280 HR., but over all cost is higher.

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