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She had only once asked about the absence of any shopping when Angel returned from a two hour afternoon bout sandwiched between Joseph and Joshua's hard thrusting bodies still sweaty and smelling of the African men.Angel had flushed bright pink, and tried to stammer excuses. After that Amanda had made no other comment but Angel felt compromised being silently judged by her own daughter!Multi-coloured birds dived and swooped and splashed water on each other in the birdbaths.There were five birdbaths in the garden, though she could only see three of them from where she sat. Kaifus, the gardener, was required each morning to religiously ensure the birdbaths had fresh water in them.This last year spent under the hot sun of Zimbabwe, safely protected in a villa with high walls on three sides, and with two and a half acres of lush colourful garden to explore, he had thrived.His father had taught him how to play cricket, as well as bowls, and croquet, while Kaifus had talked to him about plants and insects, and taught him about snakes.

The old grey haired African was like a doting grandfather to Robert, and leaned over to see what Robert had in his hands.

"Robert, aren't you going to show me what you have?

" Robert glances over towards her, a little scowl on his face.

Calculating Joseph might simply line her up with clients willing to pay tens of thousands to abuse a fresh, innocent white girl.

Joshua, the African businessman who give such an appearance of solid respectability, but ran a depraved household that would possibly have shocked Caligula.

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