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GUIDE provides a mechanism for storing and retrieving data using application-defined data stored on the GUI figure.GUIDE uses this mechanism to save a structure containing the handles of all the components in the GUI.Since this structure is passed to each callback subfunction, it is useful for saving other data as well, as is illustrated by the following example.The edit text callback routine sets the slider's value to the number the user types in, after checking to see if it is a single numeric value within the range of values allowed by the slider.vid = videoinput('macvideo', 1); catch errordlg('No webcam available'); end end % Set parameters for video % Acquire only one frame each time set(vid,'Frames Per Trigger',1); % Go on forever until stopped set(vid,'Trigger Repeat', Inf); % Get a grayscale image set(vid,'Returned Color Space','grayscale'); triggerconfig(vid, 'Manual'); % set up timer object Timer Data=timer('Timer Fcn', ,'Period',1/Number Frame Display Per Second,'Execution Mode','fixed Rate','Busy Mode','drop'); % Start video and timer object start(vid); start(Timer Data); % We go on until the figure is closed uiwait(h Figure); % Clean up everything stop(Timer Data); delete(Timer Data); stop(vid); delete(vid); % clear persistent variables clear functions; % This function is called by the timer to display one frame of the figure function Frame Rate Display(obj, event,vid) persistent IM; persistent handles Raw; persistent handles Plot; trigger(vid); IM=getdata(vid,1,'uint8'); if isempty(handles Raw) % if first execution, we create the figure objects subplot(2,1,1); handles Raw=imagesc(IM); title('Current Image'); % Plot first value Values=mean(IM(:)); subplot(2,1,2); handles Plot=plot(Values); title('Average of Frame'); xlabel('Frame number'); ylabel('Average value (au)'); else % We only update what is needed set(handles Raw,'CData', IM); Value=mean(IM(:)); Old Values=get(handles Plot,'YData'); set(handles Plot,'YData',[Old Values Value]); end There are two functions. It acquires a picture every time ‘trigger(vid);’ is sent.

Before going into details, keep in mind that pure real-time analysis is not really possible without appropriate hardware. But if you are not too demanding, you can do a lot of things.Matlab is not traditionally used to do real-time analysis. But still Matlab and Labview are both extending their capabilities toward each other market.Advanced analysis can be done in Labview nowadays and more and more data acquisition can be done using Matlab.The wizard - a standard user interface element in desktop applications - takes the user through a series of discrete steps in order to accomplish some task.A wizard step typically includes instructions, input controls, and an interface for moving between the wizard's steps (typically Next and Previous buttons, with a Finish button at the last step).

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