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Miley tries to make Lilly reject her, only to fail multiple times.She convinces Lilly to come with her to Paris (where the movie is shooting), however at the airport, Lilly decides not to go, but to return to college (this is due to Oliver convincing Lilly that Miley will get another movie role next year).In the two-part season finale, Robby buys a ranch in Malibu to bring Miley's horse Blue Jeans from Tennessee, while Jackson leaves his apartment and returns home.Oliver also embarks on a tour with the band that lived above Jackson's former apartment.

She breaks up with him and soon starts to date Jesse.Miley, Lilly, and Oliver begin high school in the second season.Rico, who begins high school after skipping several grades, nearly discovers Miley's secret on several occasions.However, as she continued to develop an increasingly provocative image as the series progressed, the series has received criticism for appearing to be a negative influence on its younger audience.Her father Robby Stewart is a successful country music singer under the stage name Robbie Ray, and raises Miley and her brother Jackson Stewart as a single father in Malibu, California after their mother Susan died.

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