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Approximate travel time: 10hrs Drive on the Salar de Uyuní salt flats 1 night(s) in basic, multi-share hostels with limited facilities at Cashi Wasi or similar 1 Breakfast(s), 1 Lunch(es), 1 Dinner(s) We continue south on our epic 4WD expedition, into some of the most remote areas of the Bolivian Altiplano.You will see a variety of dramatic landscapes including smoking volcanoes, barren deserts and gravity-defying rock formations carved by the wind.La Paz is possibly the best place to experience a traditional peña show of Andean music and dance to local bands playing time-honoured instruments such as zampoñas (pipes) and charangos (the ukulele).Red Caps walking tours – Bs.20 • Death Road Mountain Biking – US4 1 night(s) in hotels at Hotel Sagarnaga or similar We fly from La Paz to Uyuni, in the South West corner of Bolivia.Start your tour in La Paz and end it in one of South America’s most popular cities.

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You will then visit either Fish Island or Incahuasi Island (seasonal dependent).

Located in the centre of the Salar, 100 kilometres from Uyuní, this hilly outpost is covered in giant cacti amid a flat, white sea of hexagonal salt tiles.

The otherworldly views from the islands will take your breath away, with the brilliant blue sky (weather permitting of course) contrasting with the pure white of the salt flats.

You will also get to see the Laguna Colorada, which offers some truly breathtaking scenery, with several varieties of flamingos gathering in the shallow waters of the beautiful crimson lagoon.

Before arriving at Laguna Colorada you will pass Arbol de Piedra, the famous Stone Tree.

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