Hot rod dating

Well, I got off work early, and you know my buddy Derrick?

“Somewhere, Carroll is smiling,” said Hermann Salenbauch, global director for Ford Performance vehicle programs. Dave's the mechanic, Rico makes the ramps, and Kevin is team manager slash videographer. His front tire exploded like a cannonball, and his handle bars went straight through his head. His teeth were ground down to a powder, and the front of his face exploded out the back of his skull. Rod Kimble: [waves to a taco while he's wandering through white nothingness] Hi. So, why don't you try to open up that mind of yours? He nailed the take-off, but when he landed, something terrible happened. [the taco is beating the grilled cheese sandwich with a folding chair] Finish him! Um, there's an ancient Italian maxim uh, that roughly translates to, uh "He who is resistant to change is destined to perish". [Rico sprays him in the face with the hose] Real mature, man. [Rod sees a chunk of metal lodged in Dave's eye and they both scream] Dave: Hey, buddy. I want the credit I deserve." So one afternoon, he set out to jump ten milk trucks. [grilled cheese sandwich lies motionless with blood oozing out of the back of its head]Dave: Alright Rico listen. My reflexes are sharp, I'm crazy agile, and I have a date. Then after a while the old man said, "To hell with that.

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