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Not far from the road, a small ancient circle is protected by a stone wall.

Continue on the footpath and you will reach the main site, three-quarters of a mile across the fields.

On the so-called Big Isle there are two main ruins (a chapel dedicated to Saint Finlaggan and a service building), plus the remains of over 20 buildings one of which was a great hall. Robert Pollock has a guide with diagrams covering a standing stone at Finlaggan near the Visitors' Centre.

Ten crannogs (ancient loch dwellings) on Islay have been surveyed by Mark Holley.

ISLE OF JURA There are several standing stones scattered about the east coast of Jura.

A Neolithic burial cairn can be found south of Strone farm.

There are 2 islands on this site - Eilean Mor (Big Isle) and Eilean na Comhairle (Council Isle).

A dozen crannogs (ancient loch dwellings) have been surveyed by Mark Holley.

ISLE OF TIREE Four crannogs (ancient loch dwellings) on Tiree have been surveyed by Mark Holley.

South-east of Ardmenish, on Lowlandman's Bay is the dun known as An Dunan.

KILMARTIN Some 30 miles south of Oban, the area around Kilmartin is rich in history.

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