Is robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating in real life divorce and dating neighbor

The rumors only intensified when Kristen and Michael split in June that same year and Catherine confirmed that that Robsten formed in the immediate aftermath. "She has her own life and has moved on." They added, "Kristen lives a much more low-key life now and seems happier.

It was obvious that she was struggling with the media attention [during her relationship with Rob].

When details emerged about Pattinson and Stewart attending the very same event, some Twitter users suitably went wild over hearing about Bella and Edward's real-life counterparts:noted, a Twitter user named Leah Cordova said that the pair came into the same bar she was in.

She wrote in one tweet, "it just seemed like two friends hanging out." There weren't any photos released from the supposed hangout, with some fans wondering whether the user's report was true or not.

“Now she focuses on work, spends time with her friends and family." We're so... Back in September, an insider told exclusively that the duo have "started talking all the time" since Rob ended his engagement with singer FKA twigs.

Catherine Hardwicke, the director, afterwards was like, 'What do you think? It was sort of perfect." Although rumors started swirling that the co-stars had some serious off-screen chemistry while filming in spring 2008, K-Stew was still dating Michael Angarano.

This is such a hard choice.' I was like, 'Are you kidding me?! In March 2009, she told mag that she and Rob were simply "good friends," though no one was buying it!

Yet, Cordova, and another one of her friends, claimed that it was indeed true.

If this story was correct and they saw each other at Depp's party, could it be that the former co-stars are rekindling their friendship?

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