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While she used to be a lesbian in the past years, the young woman is happily announcing her engagement to a man. She is still doing her breathing sessions and carrying on her spiritual journey.

The system is called Full-Filled and is an inside-out plan that changes your relationship with food and life.

What do Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick have in common? so says "Criminal Minds" star Shemar Moore who says he's got a new girlfriend who's the #1 HOTTEST chick in pro sports. "If she stands up and turns around you might just faint," Moore told us ...

So who's the mystery woman who was out with the notorious ladies man in L.

You may want to check the Roseanne Barr weight loss.

Roseanne showed the world her dramatic weight loss and explained to her fans that she underwent bariatric surgery.

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