Microsoft outlook connector keeps updating handicap people dating clevland oh

Wait until the attendees receive the original invitation before modifying the series.SR number: NA Bug number: 13874601 If there are two or more shared-contact folders and you unsubscribe from one of them through Shared Contacts Properties, the folder you unsubscribe from is removed from the main folder list, but is replaced by parentheses in the folder list under Shared Contacts.Connector for Microsoft Outlook has been enhanced so that administrators can configure end-user packages with connection information to an update site where they can publish updates and upgrades for Connector for Microsoft Outlook.Each time a user logs in to Microsoft Outlook with his Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite profile, Connector for Microsoft Outlook checks the update site for an update or an upgrade.Alternatively, owner can change the event confidential.Subscribers can only see the event slot, but cannot see the title or description.SR number: NA Bug number: 16028666 If you create an event with an attachment in Convergence, then export and import the event to Connector for Microsoft Outlook, the import succeeds however the attachment name and icon are missing. If you change the time and date of an already existing event in Convergence and then look at the event in Outlook, Outlook still displays the time and date from before the change.

Administrators specify the address book provider in the DCP.

See the discussion about customized branding in SR number: NA Bug number: 20912829 The online Help for Connector for Microsoft Outlook does not open in some deployments.

To work around this issue, users must navigate to the Help directory and manually open the Help CHM file.

If you find any errors, please report them to us in writing. This software or hardware is developed for general use in a variety of information management applications.

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