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A Simple headquarters building next to the Lowell building serves as the Association Headquarters.1882 Seating areas are placed in the hillside grove area. The Sanborn Memorial is created and plans for the headquarters building and Dining pavilion are begun.

Veterans of the Third Regiment Band and its successor, the Hilton Head Post Band, meet at the Weirs, and form an alumni group, the First Veteran Band Association of NH.1883 The 5th Regiment building is constructed next to the Lowell building.

The huge Dining Pavilion occupies the area in front and to the right of these structures out to Tower Street.1887 The 16th Regiment Building is constructed on Veterans Ave. Next to the 16th is a new pavilion and smaller storage building.

The original colors were: deep buff for the 1st floor, the 2nd & 3rd floors were lighter shades of buff, the trim was in different shades of brown and the roof was brown.

The 1st Floor consisted of a large reception area, with the 2nd floor partitioned into sleeping area.

The original color was off-white with dark green trim and had a brown roof.

The roof was dark slate The 15th Regiment building’s first floor was divided into two areas. The building was painted light orange with bright red trim.

The roof was light slate and the basement was brown stone.1891 On land below the 15th Regiment the National Veterans Association of NH constructed the largest and most detailed building.

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