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Enormous coniferous trees up to …200 feet tall lived and died in these lowlands. over millions of years, these minerals crystallize within the wood’s cellular structure forming the stone-like material known as petrified wood.” According to, “How long it takes to form petrified wood… requires millions of years.” “Under normal conditions conversion of opal to quartz requires tens of millions of years; however, under geothermal conditions the same process may occur in 50,000 years of less (Mustoe 2003)…

fossil wood that has little to no wood remaining has cellular detail replicated in opal-CT… a Yellowstone Wyoming sample carbon dated at 2,430 years was composed of opal-A.” TRUTH: During the Mt. Helens eruptions, the explosion destroyed and relocated about 150 square miles of forest in a little more than five (5) minutes; swirling gases reached 900°C (over 1,600°F), and a few years later sonar scans of the bottom of Spirit Lake revealed about 19,500 upright trees.

Due to massive amounts of debris (rock/trees) the lake rose as much as 190 feet. rapid burial allowed the plant debris to escape destruction by oxygen and insects. and served as a source of silica that replaced the plant debris, creating petrified wood…

Millions of logs in Spirit Lake; ship in circle above: Nagasaki; below: Mt. Helen’s Tsar Bomb (below) Point 1: According to most geologists, petrification (rare fossilization process of turning organic material – most often wood – into stone) must take place over hundreds of thousands or millions of years. It forms when plant material is buried by sediment and protected from decay due to oxygen and organisms… Arizona; about 225 million years ago, this area was a lowland …rivers flooded by tropical rain storms washed mud and other sediments into the lowlands. in the millions of years after the Chinle Formation was deposited, the area was uplifted…” According to (2/2017), “Petrified wood forms when fallen trees get washed down a river and buried under layers of mud, ash from volcanoes and other materials…

A magnitude 5 earthquake was accompanied by a debris avalanche, which in turn unloaded the confining pressure at the top of the volcano by removing the cryptodome.

This abrupt pressure release allowed hot water in the system to flash to stream, which expanded explosively, initiating a hydrothermal blast directed laterally through the landslide scar… down the volcanic conduit to the subsurface magma reservoir, which then began to rise, form bubbles and erupt explosively, driving a 9-hour long Plinian (enormous columns of tephra and gas) eruption…

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If Spirit Lake could be drained, it would look like forests of trees which had grown at different levels and at different times—perhaps over thousands of years.

” Point 2: Sediment and Varve Dating According to most scientists, sediment deposits on lake bottoms can reveal age.

Scientists when Dating Sedimentary Strata can use ‘Relative Dating (assuming one fossil age vs.

Also, a grand canyon was instantly created at the mountain.

At Spirit Lake a study found that logs that had root stumps rapidly up righted themselves and took a vertical position.

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