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Native-born American Muslims are mainly African Americans who make up about a quarter of the total Muslim population.Many of these have converted to Islam during the last seventy years.Aisha ( UK-Derby) Excellent site Mashaa Allah make a lot of dua for the group owner who has obviously spent a lot of time and dedication to this site for the purpose of his brothers and sisters in Islam Allah reward him well Ameen.Sadiyah (UK) Asalaamualakium, This website is fantastic, very informative and Alhumdulillah a good form of dawah.After Converting and performing the purifications .The first thing that a New Muslim should do is Learn how to pray and perform it.With prayer guides on this site you should be able to learn to pray within a few hours if you make a great deal of effort. Just by me reading this site makes me want to study this Muslim site as if it was an career.Learn how to Pray with our easy to follow prayer Guides. I'm am really grateful that I was introduced to this web site.

This leads to New Muslims being unable to pray for 6-12 months and feeling overwhelmed.

According to a 2017 study done by the Institute for Social Policy, “American Muslims are the only faith community surveyed with no majority race, with 25% black, 24% white, 18% Asian, 18% Arab, 7% mixed race, and 5% Hispanic”.

In addition, 50% of Muslims are native born while the other 50% are foreign born, and 86% are citizens.

He and four survivors subsequently traveled through much of the American southwest and the Mexican interior before reaching Mexico City.

"Muslims' presence [in the United States] is affirmed in documents dated more than a century before religious liberty became the law of the land, as in a Virginia statute of 1682 which referred to 'negroes, moores, molatoes, and others, born of and in heathenish, idollatrous, pagan, and Mahometan parentage and country' who 'heretofore and hereafter may be purchased, procured, or otherwise obteigned, as slaves.'" Records from the American Revolutionary War indicate that at least a few likely Muslims fought on the American side.

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