New york band dating drew barrymore

Martha Stewart, Drew Barrymore and Lionel Richie remain Magrino BFFs for their own brands and businesses.To boot, Magrino revenue rose 12 percent; head count’s nearing 50.Bottom line: Revenue’s up, the firm’s rep is Teflon and its global reach keeps growing. Nearly 25 years after its launch, Magrino’s going to show you how it’s done.

It’s not all about celebs: the Brands division sprinkles stardust on clients like Pepsi, Activision and Samsung, who seriously needs it.They may not always get what M18 means—it’s March 18, the date the company was founded—but real estate giants like Extell, Vornado and Silverstein know Michael Tavani’s agency as the go-to for commercial and residential projects in the Big Apple and, increasingly, around the world.Hotels, its original client base, still bed down with M18 in droves.The firm’s private equity practice also grew by 50 percent, cementing its influence in the corridors of power.Under new US CEO Beth Balsam, this venerable firm is feeling rejuvenated.

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