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Nanoha is defeated but resolves to continue helping collect the jewel seeds and also finding out more about the other mysterious magical girl because she seems sad and lonely.Eventually she ends up defeating Fate in fierce combat and also assists the TSAB in stopping Fate's mother, Precia who wishes to use the Jewel Seeds for her own purposes.She learns her abilities at such a fast rate that it surprised Yuuno and she is able to subdue the monster with relative ease for a beginner.She goes on to collect more jewel seeds but encounters another magical girl, Fate Testarossa, with seemingly the same goal.During in Striker S, she was found with a relic and rescued by Caro and Erio. Later in the series Nanoha have taken her in and Fate helps take care of her.After the Strikers TV series Vivio still refers both Nanoha and Fate as "mama" but Nanoha said in the Strikers Sound Stages that Vivio refers Fate as an older sister now more than a mother because Fate is keeping her distance to Vivio since Nanoha adopted her, though this is confined only to this instance: Vivio refers to Fate as "mama" in all other media featuring the two, including those that take place "after" the Sound Stages. Vivio has complete heterochromia, her right eye being green while her left being red.

A male protagonist of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force.Her true identity is discovered by Nove and the Nakajimas, who decides to help her better understand everyone and become acquainted with Vivio, the two girls eventually becoming friends. A childhood best friend of Rinne from the orphanage where the two of them grew up together.Hayate's family later builds her a support device similar to Vivio's in the form of a baby leopard named Asteon (nicknamed Teo). After she was apprenticed by Einhart, she becomes more calm and relaxed but she still wants to get stronger so that she can fight alongside Rinne.Nevertheless, Fuka is polite and humble to her fighting skilled seniors despite some of them being a few years younger than her. She was adopted by the Berlinetta family after she was orphaned for unknown reasons; Rinne and her friend Fuka stayed at the same orphanage during their childhood, which is also the place where they spent the first years of their lives at.Before she became the cold-hearted and emotionless person that she is today, Rinne was once openly friendly and trusting and was often very concerned for her adoptive grandfather Roy.

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