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But she’s back in town, single again, and adamant to set the record straight.

As we sit down for lunch at Su Tha Ros, the upscale Thai restaurant of newly-opened Hotel Muse Bangkok – Odette flew in from Bali the previous night where she’d been on a short break with a bunch of friends – it’s evident that this is going to be a no-holdsbarred interview.

I think if you’re a celebrity the drug rumors come with the territory. Well, I’ll admit to drinking heavily when I was in Malaysia because I was homesick and miserable. When I started working I was always late; I was 18 and didn’t grasp the concept of ‘responsibility’. They also claimed that I was pregnant, that I had an abortion, and that my ex boyfriend was a ‘fake rich person’ who ripped me off. I was never with my ex-boyfriend because he was rich. The role is playing the girlfriend of a Thai gangster, so I have to speak English very Thai-Thai, like “I love you long time.” The character is very loud and outspoken, which is easy for me because I’m quite bubbly.

I know that’s no excuse [to drink], but it’s the truth.

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