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Specialized programs focus on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and on reunification counseling for children who have been found after abduction. 4760 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230M-F am-5pm East Bay Agency for Children provides counseling and support services to children and their families where a parent, caregiver or family member has died or is living with a life threatening illness. Support group on domestic violence – Tuesday mornings only. Special education classes and group homes/outpatient services. Short-term safe shelter includes food, clothes, etc.Services include individual counseling, family counseling, alcohol and other drug (AOD) education and family education groups. #Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90066M-F -pm Toll Free: 888-807-7250 24 Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline: 877-727-4747 Counseling; Crisis and Substance Abuse Counseling. Called “Circle of Care”, the program offers simultaneous peer support groups for all family members, with parents/caregivers attending one group and toddlers, elementary school children and teenagers attending their own group. 1255 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022M-F 9am-6pm Comprehensive case management for pregnant/parenting teens. Burbank Blvd #3130, Los Angeles, CA 91401Regular schools in session: M-F 9am-3pm & Office hours: 9am-pm & Infoline hours: M-Th 8am-8pm & Infoline hours: F 8am-6pm – 5747 Serves Long Beach, Norwalk, Whittier, sourrounding areas. Individual and group counseling, teen support groups and community outreach. Claremont, CA M-F 9am-5pm The Institute for Girls’ Development is a psychological practice dedicated to empowering girls, women, families and their circles of community through self- discovery, embodied living, hardiness skills, and growth fostering relationships.Also, because some people seem to find this important for some reason, I’m currently 27 years of age. I've pried it out of people that those who have dated before are on average happier. I'm sick and tired of waiting for "life to go on."well you shouldn't just walk around wanting a relationship to be happy you need to find someone who you like and you think would make you happy.My question is thus; I want to date some one, but I absolutely loathe the idea of doing so. Okay, I don’t know what all the good things are, but people just seem happy. My advice is to wait on love and focus on making YOURSELF happy first. But if you think about it you can't have a happy wife if she was never happy in the first place. Being a male and all, that'd be way too expensive to become a wife; SRS, hormones, clothes, etc. Secondly, nothing makes me happy, and since I've never had a relationship, I'm wondering if it's worth the risks of seeing if it'll raise my average happiness level. So when you find this person then that's up to you and the other on what you do and at what speed like if you don't want to have sex yet or if you want the first chance you get that's up to you two.(This is usually called a sliding scale.) Don’t turn away from yourself. Additional hotlines: (310)-370-5902, (310)-379-3620, (562)-388-7652. Individual, group, family counseling & case management for victims of domestic violence and runaways ages 10-17, two week stay, substance abuse awareness, 12-step program, schooling, job search and placement. Provides mental health care for diverse and under-served children and families suffering from mental illness or severe emotional disturbances. Non-profit community mental health agency for teens and youth (ages 13 – 21).If a friend came to you with problems, you would try to help. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, medication support, and case management. Colors is a safe, warm, and welcoming space that provides free LGBTQ-affirmative counseling and healing psychotherapeutic services to youth under 25 and their families in the greater Los Angeles area.I want the good things that every one seems to get, such as intimacy, sex, … Even those who are currently single but have dated in the past seem happier than me. Inb4 some one says “see a therapist,” because that is FAR outside my financial means, and will remain so for several years/decades. Focus on things such as your career, your family, and your friends. But if you go out now at 27 years old and look for a man you will 1000% find one .. My point is if you try so hard to get something you'll get it but it wont ever be as good as it just happening on its own. If she was unhappy with herself something will always be missing. Also your age shouldn't matter nobody's journey through life is the same and if you don't have anyone yet then more power to you.On the other hand, I simply hate the idea of doing it. Some day, you'll be at Starbucks or at the store, and you'll run into somebody. It'll all come naturally once you meet that perfect somebody.

Offers academic support, career development, and counseling.

You might also talk with your school counselor and see what assistance she or he can provide.

Once you contact a counseling center, you can ask whether your parents’ permission is required for you to receive services.

I (mom) have custody of my daughter…her dad has visitation on the 1st, 3rd, 5th weekends.

She has SEVERE (stressing severe) asthma which requires extreme daily high maintenance.

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