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In Evil Never Sleeps the Hero League tested Phoebe's ability to make the right decisions as a superhero by having her choose between saving the world and turning over her boyfriend's dad, Mike Evilman.

It was a tough choice for Phoebe but eventually, she chose to report Evilman even if that means breaking up with Link. The next step of Superhero training, the Hero League asked Phoebe to choose a superhero mentor in No Country for Old Mentors.

At first, the friendship was a challenge because Phoebe had to lie to her best friend to keep the family's superpowers a secret.

Phoebe also made other friends like Sarah and Ashley through Sarah's group of smart students after joining them for Math Bowl in Report Card.

With Max's help, she got Tech Rider as her mentor but he turned out to be reckless.

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However, by Cape Fear, she realized that she needed to put more effort in training after her best friend from Metroburg got her Superhero Cape.The Hero League assigned her to become the protector of Hiddenville as part of her training.Since Hiddenville doesn't have a lot of criminals, she made a deal with Max so that Max will keep committing crimes while Phoebe practices to stop him.However, her school life hasn't been smooth because she often finds herself in trouble with Principal Bradford who hates both Phoebe and Max.Phoebe showed her desire to train and become a superhero and her dad offered to train her.

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