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Bryan, Benson Blake, Commercial Rail Road Bank of Vicksburg, notes for property in Vicksburg and lot description, M. Dunlop, preachers Pendleton, Winslow Doctor Daniel Green is returning to the ship, Vandalia in Norfolk after leave to see his daughter who broke her arm, he intends to resign and get a small farm, Mr. Brent from a Spanish artist and "the holy family" purchased from the Marquis of Abrantes mentioned: Lucy's health, his wife, arrangements to return home with John Brown, we should move from this dreadful place, Mary Eliza, care of Walter H Taylor & Co Norfolk, the Webbs, Mrs. Mason, a commissioner appointed under a act of the State of Virginia doth certify that John Scott Rousse appeared before me; depositions from the Husting Court of Richmond, Virginia: N. Gardner, Byron Irvin, Moses Searing, Joseph Halsey, Peter S [? Hayden, William Helm of Fauquier County, Virginia, account of the Revolutionary Services of Lt. James Monroe, half pay mentioned: to the credit of James Stamper, Petersburg, Virginia: T. "My young man, Wilkins has left Lynchburg but as yet no one has seen him; please look out for him; alludes to a little memorial, requests that his friends know he is not dead yet John M. Ellerson, I am compelled to keep up two separate establishment and I need two cooks, one for Hanover and one for Chesterfield, I will sell the Chesterfield property (150 acres, half in woods, with a fine garden and buildings) as soon as the new bridge is built linking Manchester mentioned: Columbus, Georgia, father's house and lot in the city and the debt to the Bank of the U. John Forsyth is unable to meet his debt and is in hopes the Bank will hold the property at a reasonable rate mentioned: Samuel L Gouverneur and his wife, and Richard Smith, Executor of Eliza K. ; French Creek; Sackets Harbor; Bonnell's Company, 2nd Lt. charged with wantonly beating and abusing a soldier response to an ad placed by Edward Shacklett in the "Richmond Whig," mentions: Henry Priest, Peter Priest, James H. Greenleaf advertised a large amount of property in the City of Washington as agent for the estate of Robert Morris, John Nicholson and James Greenleaf requesting advise about depositing funds from the proceeds of the sale of lands in Florida for G. Lafayette; mentioned: difference of exchange between Philadelphia and Tallahassee and making the funds available in Paris 1. Brent mentioned: arrangements for disembarking Montgomery's Company for French ?

Presented by the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour and Live Nation, this special event raised money and awareness for multiple charities in addition to the host beneficiary, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend’s WHO Cares initiative Teen Cancer America.

Barnes" 173 pounds for the first year and 225 pounds for "every year after during his life." inventory of John Mercer's library made by his son James prior to the sale of Mrs. Robsamen who is appointed by the General Congress to Superintendent of the Salt Petre"; Bland is to take Robsamen "under [his] care" and assist him by "showing him warehouses" and letting him experiment Page has confidence in Fleming's ability to secure people under his leadership and sends "powder for your protection; Page has heard from Congress that the Northern Indians are friendly and have withdrawn their assistance to "our" enemies Hancock is Deputy Paymaster General of the Army of the United States of America; payment in the amount of 1800 pounds, "equal to six thousand dollars" for the defraying of necessary expenses; endorsed by Chase to John Appleton with his receipt Heron was "of the township and County of York"; Hand "obliges himself to furnish" Heron with "four milk cows, two draught horses, a Plantation wagon, and [illegible] for four horses and farming tools"; also signed by Heron and two witnesses regards the "removal of several Gentlemen of this City by Council, out of the State. Stamford, Committee of Claims, introduction of a resolution for the redemption of slaves with colonizing them comfortably in Africa, and on five thousand acres west of the Mississippi mentioned: Juliana E.

They have uniformly manifested in their general Character and Conservation a Disposition highly inimical to the Cause of America." Clapperton was of the Parish of St. Dandridge, Lavinia W Dandridge, John Williams & Sianna A.

William Brooks to John Thompson, Robert Mc Reynolds, John Snyder, Thomas Dixon, Morris Dunnington, Thomas Humphreys also mentioned: Amelia, VA, and Abbe Ragnals History of Philadelphia and Political Establishments and Commerce of the Europeans; news about Thomas Jefferson being presented at the Court of Versailles and his private audience with the King Misc. Paine Good, Lewis, Banks, Montgomery, Stewart, Burton, Kerr, Germon, Haslet, Mc Creey. Peters, Heath Mason, David Pennington, Patsy Marable. Clark, George Gillman, Edwin Clarke, Burwell Stark, Henry Carter, James Latimer, Thomas A.

Keen, Hay, Lott, Laughlin, Barrett, Southgate, Richards, Higbee, Trevor, Deane, Boulware, Pryor, May, Mayo, Vanduval, Hylton, Ghoghegan, Roper, Webb, Hayes, Dixon, Webb, Boyd, Robert, Luckett, Lambert, Adams, Isaccs, Truehart, Tinsley, Booker, Rowland, Randolph, Harvie, Galt, Mitchell, Formecola, Greenhou, Pennock, Lewis, Warrington, Good, Southall, Voss, Tankerd, Foushee, Wilkinson, Graves, Stockdale, Bolling, Matthews Misc. Littleberry Lee, Charles Gilliam, Polly Gilliam, William H. Ruffin, John Brown of Greensville County, VA, Blow & Petit, William Wyche, Lanier Rochelle, Henry Peters, Susanna Baird, Wallace Stevens, Hawkins Pond, David Heath, Robert Downman, Joseph Coleman 3 scholars, Will Hopkins 3 scholars, L.

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