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But the slightest possibility that an answer is out there seems to be enough to keep viewers coming back for more.If you shake the puzzle hard enough, maybe, just maybe, the pieces will settle into place.Is there anything more obsession-inducing, more worthy of a dive down a 10-episode rabbit hole of evidence and interviews and theories than a real, grisly, tragic, disturbing crime? And that would be a real, grisly, tragic, disturbing crime that hasn't been solved.With almost every network awash in true crime dramas or docu-series these days (and if isn't true crime, then it's made-up crime), audiences have continued to be eager consumers of the nitty-grittiest of details when it comes to the most infamous crimes in recent memory—and some, such as the still-unsolved murders committed by the unidentified (or identified-many-times-over) Jack the Ripper in the 19th century or the real-life Hollywood noir that was the 1947 murder of the "Black Dahlia," aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, that aren't so recent.Natalee Ann Holloway (born October 21, 1986) was an American teenager whose disappearance made international news after she vanished on May 30, 2005, while on a high school graduation trip to Aruba.Holloway was scheduled to fly home from Aruba on May 30, 2005 but she failed to appear for her flight.But despite the world having identified a real piece of scum of the earth in Van Der Sloot, Natalee's body was never found nor has there been any real closure for Beth and Dave Holloway, the teen's parents who've tirelessly never given up their quest for justice."I have my answer as to what happened to Natalee, and he's sitting in prison in Peru," Beth said on last year.She continued, "Justice is being served for Stephany Flores, thank God. But justice has not been served for Natalee." Van Der Sloot at one point promised to tell the Holloways what happened to their daughter in exchange for 0,000, ,000 of which Beth wired into his account, only to get more lies from him in return.

His slaying, often taken into account with the equally unsolved murder six months prior of hip-hop nemesis Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas, has made for countless conspiracy theories as the evidence has been sifted through the years, the net encompassing an ever-growing cast of characters.

When something comes up significant, you fall back down into that emotional state of trauma.

I try to avoid those things as much as I can.""You're always thinking we're going to get an answer quickly and it never comes.

And not only are these decade(s)-old crimes, but they're ones that come with answers—not always the most satisfactory ones, when it comes to the ever-haunting "why? So call the world a little bit Almost 21 years later, no one has ever been charged with the murder of 6-year-old Jon Benét Ramsey, found in the basement of her family's spacious, suburban Colorado home on the day after Christmas in 1996. Names have been unearthed as possible suspects over the years, only to go right back into the ground.

Just last year a CBS special presented evidence that seemingly pointed the finger at Jon Benét's brother, Burke Ramsey—who then sued the lead investigator featured in the special for 0 million. Netflix followed a few months ago with the eerie The 20-year mark also recently passed for the still-unsolved murder of Notorious B. G., who was gunned down after a party in the middle of one of L.

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