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The Rookie soon became embroiled in an Apocalypse event with the other Ghostbusters and proved his mettle as they unraveled the machinations of the Cult of Gozer.After Ivo Shandor was destroyed by the Ghostbusters, the Rookie was offered the opportunity to lead a potentially lucrative Ghostbusters franchise in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati, but whether or not he takes the offer is unknown.Okay, I don’t even know if they’re rows or columns: You see how there’s numbers above each category? So, I have way more offense than I need, and less pitching. I knew after I drafted Ryan Braun I was gonna be in a pinch for pitching (say that fast 117 times! I assumed someone was going to on him, but, when you assume, you make umé out of ass.If I had Braun’s to go towards pitching, my entire team would be in better shape.That’s right, snitches, Greycarlo is sending out Evites and Ronald Acuna’s invited! I also drafted Ronald Acuna on a fantasy baseball team (for SEO)!

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Yes, he’s my only closer, but, as you see in the above chart I’m at 12.6 points out of 14 in saves, so you really only need one closer. We’re only gay for each other.” Then he said, “Well, who do you wish were here then, silly?” And I said, “Ronald Acuna,” only I said it in exclamation marks shaped like Gregorian letters, if Gregorian letters is what you call these things I’m typing out with my hand-toes.Though, I’m not as concerned about my pitching as those above numbers would lead one to believe. While it is true I do own Jason Vargas, there’s a ton of other value found in my pitching staff.In my top 20 starters, I go over how I like Darvish now on the Cubs, and in my top 60 starters, I talk about my love for Patrick Corbin, if you follow that link to my Patrick Corbin sleeper.

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