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Its digital arm set off sparks for clients as wide-ranging as L’Oreal, Taraji P. Its DKC/O M entertainment division reps Andrew Lloyd Webber, Second City and hot Broadway tickets like Naomi Campbell to ex-California first lady Maria Shriver to agitpop screamers Prophets of Rage.

It’s not all about celebs: the Brands division sprinkles stardust on clients like Pepsi, Activision and Samsung, who seriously needs it.

It beat bigger firms for HP’s coveted million product and corporate communications assignment.

But it got the “honey, I want a divorce” bomb from global beverage giant Diageo after six years.

And after less than a year, this power trio has built an A-list roster including Hudson Yards’ major residential project, the Woolworth Tower Residences, Jean Nouvel’s 53 W 53 and Annabelle Selldorf’s 21 E.

12th pile, along with design driven clients like Club Monaco and Peuterey.

To boot, Magrino revenue rose 12 percent; head count’s nearing 50.

Tavani’s now eyeing a London office to keep up; we predict M18’s own real estate will keep growing this year.

When the partners behind this new firm left their old agencies, clients fled with them.

The firm’s private equity practice also grew by 50 percent, cementing its influence in the corridors of power.

Under new US CEO Beth Balsam, this venerable firm is feeling rejuvenated.

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