Sedating italian greyhounds

The following is a brief summary of why Greyhounds are “unique” when it comes to choosing a safe and effective anesthetic regimen.Anesthetic techniques should allow for prompt pain-free recovery.With any species of animal, the greatest risk in elective or non-elective surgery is the anesthetic.The Greyhound can be considered an exception because of their physiologic adaptions for stamina and speed.Clinically, they appear to respond normally to anesthetic agents (other than thiobarbiturates) as long as hypotension and hyperthermia are prevented.In summary, one should be aware of these differences between Sighthounds and other breeds of dogs concerning which anesthetic protocol to use.

Greyhounds are quite normally very quiet, cooperative, tractable dogs that rarely need deep levels of sedation for restraint and control.Sometimes full recovery is not obtained for up to 24 hours.In additional it seems the liver of Greyhounds is unable to effectively metabolize thiobarbiturates as other breeds.Thiobarbiturates are extremely soluble in fat therefore they are absorbed almost immediately into fat after an injection into a vein.Secondly, they are then broken down by the liver and excreted in urine.

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