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For Kipnis, if Obama had wanted to do something to solve the plague of campus rape, he could have tightened controls or even banish the "frats", the male student associations repeatedly involved in acts of sexual violence.

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While the data of the US Department of Justice speak of 6.1 cases of sexual violence per thousand students,[5] from 2011 onward the complaints are counted in the hundreds; complaints that, however, are always sent to the college and only to a much lesser extent to the judicial authorities, where the outcome of the investigations is much more uncertain: there are several universities sued by male students expelled because they were convicted of sexual violence by the college internal justice system but exonerated completely by the judicial authorities.

If you suffer of the micro-aggression syndrome, though, you better directly and immediately skip this answer, because it might be directed to you too, dear reader, and it’s not going to be a pleasant one.

The real starting point of this madness goes back to June 23, 1972, when Nixon was in full swing and the US Congress approved the so-called Title IX, a historic victory of the feminist movement of the late 1960′s.[2]Title IX establishes that no person, because of their gender, can be excluded or discriminated against in any school program or educational activity that receives federal grants.

This is an improvement of the , the milestone that put an end - in theory - to any kind of racial segregation, but which did not clearly include gender among the categories of discrimination.

However, as it always happens in the United States, idealism immediately got exploited by economic interests and for decades the main application of Title IX was in the sporting field.

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