Support chat room for partners of sexual abusers

hen Sam was twelve years old, he was targeted by a child molester.Sam (whose name, like all survivors in this story, has been changed at his request) asked a neighbor for assistance on a school project.It doesn’t matter, because another study says only 19% of nurses get harassed. The most important issue seems to be how you ask the question. ” gets numbers more like 12%; giving a long list of specific behaviors and asking “Have you ever experienced any of these?” gets numbers closer to 85%, depending on what the behaviors are.

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Respondents were given a “prefer not to answer” option in case the questions made them upset; in order to make people entirely comfortable using the option, they were asked to select it automatically if the last digit of the time was a “1”.His grades slipped and he became withdrawn and depressed.Teachers noticed that he was struggling, but never thought to inquire as to why his behavior had gone from upbeat and enthusiastic to depressed and disengaged.Data were analyzed about female victims, male victims, and male perpetrators.Although some women admitted to perpetration, the sample size across fields was too small to be useful.

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