Teenage girl dating bad boy who is dating who taylor kitsch

Who knows why your daughter prefers black and mexican men.Have you tried asking her in a non judgemental, non racist manner? We shouldn't still be having this conversation in the 21st century!Or, if he starts to display one of these stereotypes, it’s important to understand the reasons behind it.

I prefer Mexican or black, or anything but white guys most of the time and im white! He doesn't sound like a winner but to be fair, I really don't think most of us knew exactly what we wanted in life at 20.

maybe its just this generation that we dont think bout race in a relationship because the guy she;s dating is not working doesn't have a dream or a desire to do anything when I asked him he said I don''t know he thinks when she gets money it is his when she went back to work he's like we going to be ballin now.

that stuff just goes thru me,as for meeting you I am at work and didn't really pay attention I just assumed I was talking to a male , honestly I really don't care what color they are as long as they treat her good but it is a shock because no one in my close family is with a person of a different I iknow there has to be something behind it that us older people don't see because where I live most girls that have black boyfriends always have black boyfriends I know the old saying once you go black you never go back but why I really just want an honest answer I am not trying to be mean.

I'm just not usually physically attracted to white guys! So yeah, you should let your daughter be her, and if people cant accept that, then that's their problem. You shouldn't have to explain your daughter to anybody. You said you came from a prejudice family and you never said that you yourself did not share your families views. I don't balme you for wanting more for your daughter.

(: Well Maybe some people like to try all different types wether it be black whit mexican portaricken or any thing and maybe your daughter likes to experiment because I do the same thing and just let here realize this on her own if she likes it or not personally I think there ok there caring and sweet but of course theres some that are jerks but theres whites that are jerks too!!! Hopefully she has some sort of positive male role model in her life and that this guy is just a phase.

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    Taylor, 25, was spotted partying at Nobu in Malibu without Billie, 24, and the two haven’t been showing much PDA on Instagram since May.