Tirana dating

Inside the city you can learn about Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire, which was declared here.

The 500 year old Muradie mosque is one of the main sights in this very walkable city.

Amersfoort is a beautiful city located in the middle of the country, which makes it the perfect city to discover the Netherlands. You can really feel the medieval city that was established in the 13th Century through the many monuments, little streets, canals and details.

The historical city is surrounded by beautiful swathes of nature, which makes it a unique city.

For dinner, don’t miss the local lamb stew while you sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

– click to read more about her travels in Albania Nestled in the shadow of a vertiginous rock face, is the small town of Berat.

For spectacular views of the valley and surrounding countryside, do not miss the sweat-inducing climb to the castle.

It’s an adventure in itself as you navigate slippery, glistening cobbles before clambering over rocks and scrubland to reach the top.

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Cosmopolitan bars line the riverfront and quaint little pubs hide in cobbled alleyways below the castle.

You may even be accosted by a local man desperate to take your picture, whilst hanging off a pilon to get the best view of you from above!

We stayed in the lovely, traditional ottoman Hotel Muzaka on the opposite river bank.

Cobblestone alleyways, grapevines, or friendly vendors greet you at every turn.

Stop and have a glass of cay while taking in the amazing valley view.

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