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Kiev has the “best” language levels in all of Ukraine, and still, that doesn’t say much.English levels in Odessa seemingly are even lower, and you really need Russian to help get around here.Moreover, talking about money spent may give her the impression that he is stingy, which would most definitely be the end of her affection. Most Ukrainian ladies prefer to dress fashionably, and in a way that sometimes may be considered "immodest".That's because they are not ashamed to show their beautiful bodies.It is not accepted here in Ukraine for a man to talk about money with a woman. Ukrainian women don't like their men to pay too much attention to money.They wants to be the centre of men's attention. Some men, especially those from the US, may be a bit shocked by the way Ukrainian ladies dress, which is anything, but conservative.Rather, she would thing he is shallow, fake, not serious, or even worse that he says so to every pretty lady on the site. Even worse, to talk about how much money he has spent during their personal meeting.This is a sure way to deeply disappoint a Ukrainian woman.

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Behind Kiev, Odessa is Ukraine’s next most touristed city, attracting tourists from around the world due to its charm and – well, of course, this goes without saying – its selection of beautiful Ukrainian women.

However, this does not mean they are sexually available.

Most women in Ukraine would not have sex in the beginning of a relationship (not to speak on the first date) and some would not have sex at all if they are not engaged or married to a man.

When it boils down to it – you’re simply going to have much better results in Ukraine if you can manage a conversation in Russian.

This opens up the doors to so many other women than just those who speak English (often times can be scammers, semi-pros or pros in Odessa, and/or not always the in the quality department.

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