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Tony, since he was the only unmarried man in the crowd, figured he didn't have a dog in this fight, so he was concentrating on where he'd get his next piece of nookie when the conversation caught his attention. "I do okay in that department, but don't ask me why.

"One thing I'm sure of," the speaker was Gil, a man who'd moved into Jones Corners a couple years ago, "My wife would never cheat on me." "Never say never." Jeff, an old Jones High School buddy of Tony's piped up. There isn't a thing special about me." Since nobody was feeling any pain, the conversation continued along the 'who can do who' line until Gil and Jeff was getting on each other's nerves.

He'd had a class with her old roommate, and she'd told him Cassie had married a guy she'd known in high school.

Tony wasn't what you'd call heartbroken, but he did wonder what the other fellow had that he didn't—just how could he get her to say yes so quickly, when everything he tried had failed.

He and Tony argued the terms of the agreement, while Jeff wrote it all down and the others cheered them on.

The final result boiled down to Tony having a two weeks to bed Cassie.

"Given the right circumstances, any woman might be tempted. " "I..." "What makes Tony such an expert on the subject? "He ain't even married." "Maybe not, but he's had more pussy than you and I ever dreamed about." Jeff continued, "For some unknown reason women just seem to go for him." "Is that true? Finally Jeff bragged, "Tony can fuck any woman, if he puts his mind to it." "Shit," Gil whipped out his wallet and extracted a picture.

Throwing it on the table in front of Tony he said, "Think you can get in her panties, big man?

AUTHOR'S NOTES #1 All characters are written as being over eighteen.

He and Cassie had dated regularly their junior year.

He'd never worked so hard to get in a woman's panties with so little success; she'd allow him to get her off with his tongue and fingers, and she'd jack him off in return, but that was it.

They are all a figment of my imagination and the story is completely FICTIONAL.

#2 If you like BTB, this isn't for you, don't waste your time.

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