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There is nothing as strong as a man and woman going towards their full sexual potential. Things do tend to look bigger because I shave my privates and I am short in stature. I've seen a few scenes were the woman have trouble taking it all when they perform oral on you. Teared-up eyes and the forcefulness of a woman impaling her mouth on my cock is something you have to experience. We communicated almost telepathically and she seemed to know when and where I wanted her.

PC: Is there an official measurement of your dick's length and girth? I will never forget the time we broke the bed we were fucking on and she said to me, "You should be a porn star!

PC: What was one of your hottest sexual encounters?

BI: There have been far too many to narrow it down to just one. BI: On a plane flying to some destination I've never been to before. I just like going places that are new and interesting. There is a blog that details the latest girls I have shot.

Blackmail, intrigue and double-crosses round out this fun little romp. Anyone who thinks that men are by nature more sexual than women or that African-American women are especially inhibited hasn't read Zane. Agents will always tell guys they are fully booked for now but you must not take no for an answer. So many guys WANT to do the business but it takes determination to actually go where they are made and try to get an opportunity. Courtney took a massive, tsunami-sized facial and Hillary lapped it all up like a kitten laps cream. My face: dripping with tears of joy after witnessing one of the most incredible sex scenes of my life. I enjoy pushing the personal limits of young ladies or seeing them do things for the first time on camera. This is especially so when I am shooting and a guy is having wood problems.

Here, she presents an erotic read in three parts: Wild, Wilder, and Off Da Damn Hook. PC: When did you first get started in the adult industry? PC: You have directed numerous features for West Coast Productions ... It's always a genuine, unrehearsed reaction, be it good or bad. My first title through JM Productions, , came out in November (2007) and I'll be producing one title a month through them in addition to updating 3 sites at It's not the end of the world and there is all the time in the world. BI: I enjoyed producing the DVD series for Platinum X.

With a unique ability to tell it like it is -- and also to tell it like it could be in your wildest dreams -- Zane crafts stories about everyone from the sensual housewife who wants her husband to experiment more to a secret underground sorority of women that organizes some rather unconventional social events. It's far more important to try to enjoy the time you have in this industry. 50 girls were shot interview-style in their normal street clothes. They take up a lot of my time as I do all the booking, shooting, photos, paperwork, editing, etc.

By turns tender and outrageous, Brandon Iron was born on July 14, 1968 in Alberta, Canada. but quickly realized that he wanted to live out his dream ... Brandon had been a fan of the porn world since his mid-teens. Most people have to actually work hard for a living. They girls told about their backgrounds, past sexual/work experiences, and revealed quirky things about themselves. It's time consuming having this much fun but I wouldn't have it any other way!


For successful African-American businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: marriage to the man she has loved since childhood, a thriving company, and three wonderful children. Papi Chulo: How did you get involved in the adult industry? She was very patient with me and whispered in my ear, "It's just you and me, baby." I still remember that and it has been 16 years! I didn't say much during the scene and was trying way to hard to focus. Now, I can see just how shy and reserved I was back then so having a lot of sex in front of a camera has been good for me to become more outgoing. BI: I especially enjoy meeting and working with new girls who are a little shy and uncertain about how to perform.

I would never intentionally hurt anyone, of course, and therein lies the magic: finding that line where pleasure and pain intersect.

It differs with each woman and if you can find it, incredible sex can happen. I love it when a woman takes deep throating as a personal challenge. BI: A near-anonymous, passion-filled rough and tumble romp where very little is said. We knew each other so well that during one particular sex session we never even spoke.

I try to eat a little bit healthy and can pass on the following tips to help improve one's load: eat a balanced diet, get a lot of rest, drink a LOT of water, do some cardio, take a multivitamin every day, take a zinc tablet very day, take 3 tablets of a dietary supplement called Maximum Pills a few hours before being sexually active, eat bananas, and consume more protein than carbs.

Things like chicken breasts, cottage cheese, milk, fish (especially albacore tuna and salmon) are all good for you. BI: Massive facials (like how German Goo Girls do it), massive swallowing (early Mike John's series), rough consensual sex, and feet.

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