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For me I have loved my Latino exs but their strong personality clashes with mine.My ex's while they weren't controlling they were overly jealous and I cant always handle that. My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and he is very dark with a thick Spanish accent. When I look for a boyfriend I turn down a lot of white guys.

The term “easy girl” is pervasive on the Chinese internet, and can often be found in the comments section of stories or videos involving interracial relationships.I assumed that if they went for white women it would be the bleach blonde large breasted skinny types not the short dark haired average type.I was completely turned around when a car full of 5 Mexican guys whistled at me one day, from that moment forward I seek only darker guys(mainly Hispanic but will date Indian/Middle Eastern).Dark featured Amerindian Hispanic man who likes Caucasian women checking in.I have never heard a white women liking the indigenous part of Hispanic men. But yea I look up to prime Benjamin Bratt or Mario Lopez in terms of aesthetics.

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