Who is bizzy bone dating

DX: Talk about your role in “What Now.” How exactly you play within the film’s narrative? I think the social media part is really being played with the co-stars. Bizzy Bone: I think it would have to be you guys are going to be the greatest rap group ever.

In other communities, the first of the month was bill time. Now it’s about the first of the month and how it makes you feel.Five minutes into a conversation with Bizzy Bone, it’s clear the most eccentric member of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony is an open book.He’s honest damn near to a fault, and there’s a level of insanity that lingers behind those keenly direct eyes.Understanding Bizzy’s history before his time with the group Eazy E helped build is necessary to finding out how the Cleveland group etched its way into the mainstream’s consciousness. Bizzy has the ability to filter wisdom, advice and history through wild prose that are difficult to catch in the madness.Then again, Bizzy isn’t here to simply indulge in conversation.

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